Workshop in Campus de la Fonderie de l’image / June 2015

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In June 2015, in Bagnolet-Paris, at the Campus de la Fonderie de l’image with the help of Free Art Bureau and Futur en Seine 2015 sponsoring, a few students came to code objects in Processing for the Romanesco application. At the end of the workshop  they projected the final work but unfortunaltely not mapped on a cube (as initially planed) because of a technical problem at the last minute !

Guests for the perfomance closing : Alex Augier with his performance Oqpo, these one was mapped on the cube ! And for the Sound Modular set : Etienne Auger, Anthony Augendre & Tiegolego.

En juin au Campus de la Fonderie de l’image Paris-Bagnolet avec l’aide du Free Art Bureau et le soutien de Futur en Seine 2015, des étudiants sont venus coder des objets en Processing pour l’application Romanesco et les projeter sur le cube à la fin de l’atelier. Malheureusement le mapping n’a pu être réalisé en raison d’un problème technique de dernière minute.

En invités pour la clôture : Alex Augier et sa performance Oqpo, lui a pu mapper sur le cube, normal c’est sa performance ! Et pour le son modulaire : Etienne Auger, Anthony Augendre et Tiegolego.

Thanks a lot to the Campus de la Fonderie de l’image for hosting the event and big up to all participants and especially Ludo !!!!

Et un grand merci à la Fonderie de l’image pour avoir accueilli l’atelier et salutations aux participants et en particulier à Ludo !!!

More pictures on the Flickr gallery, plus d’images sur la galerie Flickr.

Workshop Processing In June in Paris / details

Processing Workshop focused on Romanesco
Romanesco is a three dimensional Generative Live Art Application.workshop june 2015_2i
The workshop is set up with the support from Free Art Bureau and Futur en Seine 2015.
This workshop is intended as an introduction to Romanesco and will enable participants to collectively create a generative live artwork, which will be shown/screened on the closing night.

The workshop will be divided into 4 parts:
1. Presenting the different functionalities of the application
2. Developing a Processing Sketch through a Romanesco-oriented framework
3. Integrating the various sketches into the Romanesco library
4. Using the application in real time during the closing performance.

The Framework is devised in such a way as to enable a beginner user of Processing to create an artwork that will then benefit from all the functionalities of Romanesco: 3d, light, video, sound, typography, image…
But it also provides access to a generative bestiary, geometrical and colorimetric functions, and other little useful algorithms.
This workshop is not aimed as an introduction to Processing, but at using Processing to create through Romanesco. Basic knowledge in Processing is therefore required. If you understand the following lines, this workshop is for you:

void setup() {
    size(300,300) ;
void draw() {
    background(0) ;
    // parameters
    color myColor = color(100) ;
    int thickness = 3 ;
    int x = mouseX ;
    int y = mouseY ;
    int size = 10 ;
    // display
    fill(myColor) ;
    strokeWeight(thickness) ;
    ellipse(x,y,size,size) ;

Performance :
Generative visual happening perform by the participants, on a modular set synthetizer by AtDust, Pylône and Shuujin duo.
This happening will be followed by Alex Augier’s demonstration of his Oqpo-oo project, visual mapping on a big electro-sound !
More info about the Oqpo-ooo project

You will require: Laptop / Processing 3.0a5

Level: Intermediate

Support : Free Art Bureau  / Fonderie de l’image / Futur en Seine

Workshop : admission on registration.
Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th June, from 9.30am to 6.30pm.

Performance : admission free / info about the performance.
Wednesday 17th June, from 6.30pm to 9pm

Contact: stanislasiii[at] / @StanLEpunK

Where: La Fonderie de l’image.
83, Avenue Gallieni, 93170 Bagnolet – Métro Gallieni
Cost : for the three days. Booking on Eventbrite