Snap of the next release / Apperçu de la prochaine version.

Nice test around post fx, movie, light and item mixed in the same rendering, the next release of Romanesco. This one is close to be out. Among the novelties the main is the addition of post fx to increase the rendering.
Test positif mélangeant effets de post-rendu, film, lumières et objet sur la même scène de la prochaine version. Parmi les nouveautées la principale est l’ajout de traitements post-rendu.


Test Prescene / Romanesco alpha 24

First try of the « prescene » with a grid to show the move of the different objects. The « prescene » is a new mode to preview the final result, with this method you don’t work on the directly on the Scene and the public don’t see the cursor on the display, not bad ! And you can display the information user on it !

The next release alpha 24 is very close to be out !